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Hi! I'm Victoria

My name is Victoria and I am a women empowerment specialist, self-love enthusiast, philanthropist, and holistic personal trainer whose life mission is to help women around the world find the happiness and calm they desire and see how incredible they really are through the power of Intentional Training.

I will guide you from where you are now on an amazing journey of self discovery, friendship, growth, and empowerment that will get you the life you truly want and the body you deserve.

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“My life’s deepest desire is to empower women to find happiness and contentment with their lives through finally acknowledging how incredible and powerful they really are.

I looked everywhere to help me replace that feeling of overwhelm with a feeling of joy and fulfilment and it only appeared when I truly fell in love with myself. I cannot wait to share my tools and observations, helping you relinquish that feeling of inadequacy and find that daily gratitude for yourself.”

– Victoria Zimmer

“How can I help you build the life you have always dreamt of?”

Myself and my team of super dedicated women understand what you are going through; cripplingly busy schedules, constantly feeling like you aren’t good enough, achieving enough or giving enough, career overwhelm, that repetitive cycle of weight gain/loss and that feeling that you should be satisfied with your life, but you just can’t seem to find the enjoyment or contentment.

We have devoted our lives to helping women like you release these feelings and build the life you have always dreamt of, one filled with daily happiness, fulfillment and balance.

With all of these feelings in mind I designed the Intentional Training programme. I understand your time is precious and I wanted to make sure that your time spent in the programme would quickly help you feel present, find that sense of calm and connection to bring you back to life. In the programme we use both the latest and the most ancient techniques to awaken your extraordinary inner power through a combination of – Strength – Flexibility – Balance – Endurance for Body, Mind… and here is the big one – SPIRIT.

The incredible thing with the Intentional Training programme is that not only will you benefit from the programme, but you will also help other women to take control of their lives. This is because together you and I are supporting three amazing non-profit organisations whose sole purpose is to empower women and girls from around the world through education, jobs, and training.

Every session you attend will bring a donation to your chosen charity

YOU matter

We are contributing to selected charities that correspond with our values and women empowerment around the world.

Find out more about my own involvement with the programmes here.

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Intrigued to find out how your life could change to one of fulfilment, self-belief and balance?

Super Woman

I believe that in the modern world a woman feels like she needs to have superpowers to be on top of everything without feeling like a failure. To please children, a husband, a boss, a friend, a dog… and the list goes on and on. So when it comes to self nurture or YOU time you are normally too tired, exhausted, and in bed realising that you haven’t done anything for yourself.

You exist on your basic needs of getting some sleep (not the quality one either), maybe throwing some food into your mouth and having a sip of water… you might even sneaked in to the bathroom to check on your messages somewhere in between juggling it all around.

“I’ll never be that flexible”

Then there comes a day when you see women who seems to have it all figured out; yoga sessions, family life, time to exercise, perfect eating, meditation, great career.

She is doing all the things you do except more and NOT falling apart… So you start to read and try different things from magazines and TV. Very soon to realise that the latest trendy workout not only kills you but it also doesn’t fulfill you or make you feel alive, your food plan is controlling your life, and time for meditation seems impossible. And forget those complicated yoga poses, “I’ll never be that flexible”.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, and YOU don’t have to feel like this.

Do you want to be on top of your game at work, have an amazing relationship with those you love, and most importantly build the best relationship with YOURSELF?

Do you want to know more about our Secret Club meetings and find out how you can break the cycle of being stuck in your own life?

Let Me Tell You

Well, let me tell you… I am deeply in love with every single soul that comes my way and I would love to guide you towards feeling that unconditional love for yourself as you do for those you love, which seems to be the most challenging thing of all.

Secret Club

Become a part of our secret club where you can open up and be in a judgement free environment, surrounded by women who know exactly what you’re going through and get support and motivation to be the best woman you can be. Where we allow our souls to flourish and dance. I encourage you to be vulnerable so you can gain inner strength and learn how to let go. We exercise, talk, breath, hug, dance, paint, read… everything goes.

Just take a look at our local weekly schedule where myself and my team of amazing women come to serve and support you through every step of this journey.

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