Hi, my name is Victoria Zimmer

born and raised in Southern part of Russia, I spent my early adulthood in USA pursuing the american dream until life guided me to Europe, UK to be exact, to continue my journey.
Nowdays, I am an internationally recognised Tantra Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance eRYT200, RYT500), Yoga Alliance continued education provider(YACEP), mindfulness and meditation trainer for London Wellness academy, and wellness program developer for One Spa World (spa and fitness management company for cruise lines).
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Today I live my life travelling the world and educating women on the importance of self care through training their bodies, minds and spirit (that’s where it becomes interesting for me) using yoga, pilates, meditation, dance, positive thinking psychology methods.
“My biggest passion in life and things that make me most excited is seeing happy faces of women around me who lives their lives to its fullest potential and have hearts full of love and eyes full of sparkle!”

This is my story

Watching my mum existing rather than living the life she wanted and trying to escape abusive relationship which she finally did…after 25 years, postponing her dreams and nearly stopped believing in love she found the courage to divorce and find her soulmate… Watching my grandmother who after my grandfather passed away at the age of 59, stopped living her life and simply existed to serve others… She was 54 at the time… watching my aunt who now at the age of 48 supports two family’s – her own and her son’s, because that is what expected of her while always putting herself second, and these are just my Russian stories, within my closest family…

These days women have more and more expectations placed on them and less and less time for themselves. My goal is to awaken women from their sleep walk and remind them that being a woman is more than just looking after others. Looking after yourself is where you should start. A morning meditation, a book to read, a class to go, weekly meeting with female friends, travels, spa treatments, little things like having a cup of mint tea in a quiet place…and NOT judging yourself or feeling guilty for it.

Of course we all have a certain template and conditioning that we adapt from our surroundings until we find our own way. So did I. At the age of 16, straight after my high school graduation, I was accepted into the most prestigious University in Southern Russia and got my Masters Degree in IT Engineering. For the first 3 years I followed the plan of what I was expected to do. Then one day I woke up and realised I was sleep-walking through my own life doing what everyone else wanted me to do but not what I wanted to do. So I packed up some clothes, the $100 USD my family lent me, and took a leap of faith to follow my dreams. I arrived in America at the age of 19 ready to find my authentic self.

My true life journey had begun and not a day goes by that I don’t thank my younger self for having the courage to search of a happier life.

My deepest gratitude will always belong to my mother and my grandmother who supported my dreams against the wishes of the rest of my family. During my journey of self discovery in America I went on to compete and coach in Karate at an international level, and achieve my first Personal Trainer qualification as a consequence of my desire to help others improve their health. I consider my time in America to be one of the first and greatest lessons of my adult life.

From my experience in the fitness industry spanning the last 16 years I have had the chance to mentor and train many amazing women around the world. However, I soon realised that many of these incredibly beautiful and successful women didn’t see their own beauty and inner light. At first I was surprised by this but upon some of my own personal self-reflection I found that I too harboured many of the same self doubts and insecurities as a young woman, and that I had been living my life trying to please others to prove my self-worth.

I was now heading in the right direction with my vocation but my spiritual journey didn’t start until the age of 25 when my best friend and I were on a trip to the Black Sea.

My life has transformed massively in the last decade

We found some printed pages of a book somebody had left behind on the train (the Universe provides). The book was written by an amazing Russian author and a new age thinker N. Pravdina. It was my first proper introduction into the spirituality, positive thinking, Feng shui and self love. Since then I have continued to learn and grow spiritually through completing my own yoga training in both United Kingdom, India,Thailand, attending Spirit Junkie workshops with Gabby Bernstein, Bliss project with Lori Harder, and surrounding myself with the works of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williams, Davidji, Rebecca Campbell, and many more wonderful authors. My life has transformed incredibly in the last decade. I learnt how to observe myself and notice that when my body and mind work in harmony, everything else flows with ease.

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From this self development and with what I had experienced in the past with many of my female clients I decided that I wanted to create something new and exciting for women. A safe atmosphere of judgement free support and motivation where women can be vulnerable, let their guards down, and grow. YES, you heard that right, vulnerability doesn’t mean weak, vulnerability means Strength.

Your ability to ask and accept help from others. One of my mentors, Gabby Bernstein, says “you are weak when you rely on your own strength”. Think about it, we spend our whole lives trying to grow up and be strong when really to be strong we should allow others to help us reach our full potential. We all have a Superpower inside, what I will help you with is discovering it.

Now a little more about my study over the years…

I am a learning junkie!

I love to learn. You have read my detailed bio so I’ll add only a few more facts. As mentioned earlier I have a Masters Degree in IT Engineering which I used for 6 months work after dedicating 5 years of my life to university. I gained incredible life long friends out of those years so I consider it far from wasted.

In the last decade, I have become an internationally recognised Tantra Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance eRYT200, RYT500), Yoga Alliance continued education provider(YACEP), mindfulness and meditation trainer for London Wellness academy, and wellness program developer for One Spa World (spa and fitness management company for cruise lines). I have been in the wellness industry for over 2 decades training hundreds of personal clients on how to improve their health that would align with their work and life, I’ve upskilled thousands of personal trainers on how to use holistic approach when serve their clients, and I have shared my understanding of mindfulness and yoga philosophy integration for countless yoga and meditation teachers. I genuinely enjoyed my own journey from martial arts to personal training, from CrossFit to Hatha and Tantra yoga. My love for exploration and my training courses have taken me all around the world from Russia to North America to South America and to Asia, to make sure I expose myself to various approaches to mindful living and made me fall in love with life in every form and shape eternally.
It led me to set up Yoga retreats for women in 2019 which has taken off in UK first and now expanding into South Africa, Russia and Thailand. I thoroughly enjoy bringing women together to support and empower one another through yoga practice, deepening connection through sharing and holding a space for each other, allowing to immerse in a beautiful natural surroundings and balance physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

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