Attitude of gratitude. Explore your curiosity.

Ready for a day of work in sunny Cape Town.

And the thoughts have taken over, so I felt like reaching for my phone to jot down some notes..

Thank you to #LoriHarder for inspiring me to think back about my life and for today’s thought process with her video “explore your curiosity” and see if it leads you to the life you want to lead.

I have started my journey in the fitness industry 15 years ago and it has been my saviour and my motivation and my partial to full time income ever since.

I have been trying other things along the way like getting masters degree in IT engeneering to meet expectations of my family, working in high end retail to fulfill my fashion and working with celebrities aspirations, and few more different jobs around the World. However, fitness and wellbeing has always been part of it either full time or part time and gave me the most of sense of fulfilment and made me feel like ‘a fish in the water’. How do you know if it is your vocation? By beeing inspired! How do you know that you are #inspired? By saying things that you never knew you know and by doing things without wanting to be else where. One of my turning points was helping someone to set up a business in the fitness industry and realise that this is my home! This is where I belong and that is what I should be focusing on. I am so grateful for certain people to come into my life and help me realise that without any intention. This year it has been 15 years since I started my journey in the fitness and just over a year of my concious decision of working for myself and buildig something I believe in. It helped me to move coutries, meet the love of my life, travel the World, meet amazing people, have flexible hourse, do what I love doing and get paid for it! Dream come true.

What inspired this confession? #Gratitude. Lately I have been feeling incredible grateful to the tears in my eyes for the way my life is and I do want to share it with others. Too often I hear from peopel things like “back to reality now?”, “you are so lucky”, “hate my job”, “how do you do this?”.. And so on. It makes me think following: My reality is so amazing that I don’t need to escape on holiday to realise it. Yes, I am incredibly lucky to have discovered books and people that inspired me to do thing the way I want to and to dream, to get rid of negativity in my life and to take on the action, to find my vocation and true purpose in life.
Yes, I love my job, because I feel incredibly inspired by my clients and I get to teach them how to find inspiration in life, how to start being grateful for things you have in life and how life looks after you by giving you more things to be grateful for! How do I do this? By being open and learn. I read every possible book on self development I can find, I listen to the leaders and teachers that inspire me and I take action. However, attitude of gratitude is the FIRST STEP. Explorng your curiosity is the second. Wether it is fitness, painting class, acting, travelling, doing yoga.. Anything takes you fancy, take a step and try it. It might not be what you’ll be doing as a profession but it just might teach you a lesson through that experience or you’ll meet someone who will change your life intentionally or unintentiolly.
I do enjoy the life I lead and my dream is for every person to be able to find and do what they trully enjoy and meant to do in this life. We live in a wonderful time when we exposed to all the information one needs to find the answers, to reach out to people around the world and to be able to evolve themselves to a better version of themselves and live a life of purpose.
By sharing this, I am not intending to say that I am 100% where I want to be, but I am certainly on the way and it feels amazing! So amazing that I had to share. Follow me, write to me, suggest a topic for discussion, lets EXPLORE IT TOGETHER!



Note: One of the books I can recommend for everyone to read or listen to or even watch a movie, is “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. I am amazed how many people haven’t heard about it even though it has been around or quite a few years and featured on Oprah on a numerous occasions.

The second book that I thinks everyone should read for or at least search for videos about “Human Design” by Chetan Parkyn. The book gives you a beautiful insight on how to make it work in your life based on your very unique design.

Always your,
Victoria Z.