Creativity, or the raw truth about me.

Today I fell in love.. With myself. Not in a narcissistic but in a spiritual, sincere, genuine way. All those years that I thought I was special but nobody saw it.. Thinking that maybe I am not so special after all. Constantly seeking for an approval, recognition and comparing myself to others. Feeling envious of those who had a “talent” and very able to express their creativity with the World via a painting, sing, play, sport performance. I tried different things and never found anything that I could give my 100% dedication to.. There was always something else that I wanted to try, learn, do, go to.. I found that I was quiet easily influenced by my friends or acquaintances that had a passion… I kept looking and searching.. There are things though that keep me interested always all my life: body, mind and soul. I chose a career in fitness with high interest in nutrition, I got qualified as a yoga teacher and constantly learn through various life coaching courses how to find my vocation. I honour every thought that comes to my mind and know what my message in this life and I just need to find the way to figure it out… And even though I have all of the things I always dreamed about when I was a little girl and than a young woman, I never thought that I was particularly talented and kept comparing my self to others and found them better in one way or the other. Until one day when I realised that my biggest master piece I’ll ever create is my Life. Yes, my day to day life. I looked back and saw it with eyes of a stranger and I was stunned.

Being creative and finding my talent has always been the biggest challenge I had in my life. I would always feel jealous of people who has dedicated their life to one skill and were brilliant at it, until I realised that I am creating. Every day, every minute of the day. I am creating my Life! Every choice I make, every word I say, every person I meet and every book I read is my creation. And when I look at my life from the side seeing a bigger picture and I have created.. I get jealous of myself!!! How how how did I do this? How did I get this amazing man in my life? How did I create the person I have become? How do I get to travel so much I start to miss spending time at home? Through my choices. Every single one of them. I am so proud of this realisation and want to share it with the world. When people start praising other for one or more things they have achieved in their life and making the other person seem so Great and Powerful and Talented, I want them to feel real happiness for their achievements, but never ever feel like themselves are little or meaningless or not important. Every single one of us has a beautiful message that we bring in this life and all we need to do is to work through our fears and to get a deep connection with our soul to find that message.

I have great teachers along the way.. Some of them you might heard of .. Deepak Chopra, Rhonda Byrnes, Gabby Bernstein and Lori Harder, Rebecca Campbell and some teacher that names won’t tell you much but had amazing influence on my life and helps me to shape a person I’ve turned myself into.

I felt like sharing this little story with those who might feel same way as I did… And even those who looks like they’ve got it all (most of the times I come across this way according to some feedbacks) we all have our Fears and doubts. So go on and fall in love with your self and be the creator of your own Life. Let Love be the Driving Force in your creations.. It only took 7 days for one of us to create this World…;-). Majority of us has much mote time!CReati