Feel like you’ve got too much on your plate?

Hi everyone,

The topic of today’s blog is exactly what I feel like at the moment but likely enough, I know I am not the only one who feels like this. And even if you know how to deal with it and done it once and have all the tools to deal with it again, the feeling of overwhelm can sneak up on you at any given time..

It normally starts with a constantly growing To DO list, followed by agreeing to it all being a priority and giving yourself a very short time to do it all.

Your head starts to work overtime and you go through a roller coaster of emotions, your sleep becomes interrupted with thoughts and even though you tell yourself that everything is under control, the thought of loosing it and giving up is a regular guest in your head. The next thing is fear.  You have been there before and you know that nothing good is coming out of it. Old believes are gaining their strength telling you that it will be just the same as it was before – failure. The mind is telling you to stop trying and give in, let go, it won’t work, everything good enough as it is and you don’t need to do it all… Sounds familiar?

We all tend to go through those cycles and the difference is wether we learn our lessons and change our believes or we allow our old believes to guide us? I choose to follow the second option. I’ve chosen to take charge of my life and organise myself and my mind and show it who is the boss!

I know how it feels and that is why I would like to share and help women out there based on what works for me. If you are like me, you have probably read a lot of books, watched videos and listen to some amazing seminars. You probably have the tools and maybe even tried it once or twice, and yet you find yourself in the same cycle over and over again? Well, the first thing to do in this situation is to STOP. Find time for yourself to organise and set your priorities right. I like to be at home alone and lock myself in without any interactions.

First I clean my house and organise a few things here and there that I know were piling up for a while. Clearing the space gives me an opportunity to clear my mind and gives me a clue where would I need to start with my long list. Make sure to give yourself an exact time to do it so you won’t get caught in tiding up for the whole day 😉

My second step is to meditate, and it doesn’t have to be long 5-10 min of any chosen meditation. You can simply sit down comfortably, keeping your spine straight, eyes closed and tuning in with your breath. It helps mind – body connection. One thing I learnt over the past few years that you cannot move forward until you leave something behind, a baggage that weighs you down and stops from moving forward. For me, cleaning the house and meditating, helps to leave worries and unwanted emotions behind.

The next step is journaling. Practice of gratitude. It is simply useless planning your future and organising priorities if you are not aware of where you stand in the present. So, take a clean piece of paper, or better yet start a new diary, and start listing things you feel grateful for today. You can start with the following phrase “I am happy and grateful today for..” (Louise Hay) or “I feel incredibly grateful for having…” or whatever feels right for you. Please list as many things as comes to your mind no matter how little or how small they are. It helps me to be alone in the house with no distractions, where I can put my favourite classical album on and really focus on things I have.

Once, you have the space and you know where you stand in your life, you can start making a plan. Yes, you can use your list that you had before, but now, that you are in the right state of mind, you’ll be able to connect to your true self and calmly cross out things you don’t need to do or post pone them to later. Write down groups like: ‘for me’, ‘for the house’, ‘for my business/work’, ‘for my family, ‘for my friends’, etc. Once you have created those groups, start breaking down your current list and putting things accordingly.

Now, you have a clear picture of mini lists. Then next step is to create an action plan. Have a calendar in front of you and schedule ONE thing from any of the lists per day. That is all! No more! It might take you a week or a month or a few months depending on the length of your list ;-). But what it will do to your brain, is sending a signal that you ‘CAN do this’, ‘you have TIME’ , ‘you are SUCCESS’.

Well, the next step is really to start following it. And it is great if you can start crossing things faster when you feel up to speed, and what it means that you will have more time to enjoy your life instead of thinking of all the things you should be doing, because YOU ARE DOING it! Remember, some days we feel more “superhero like”, than on other days and it is OK. That is why it is so important to have that list that makes you feel like you are worthy and you are succeeding not failing. Keeping yourself in that positive state of mind will change your life around. Give it a try!




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