Do you think it has to be a struggle and painful to get the body you’ve always dreamt of?

Well my team of dedicated and determined instructors are here to show you the way, to lead and inspire you into a place where getting healthy is a beautiful journey to happiness, balance and of course that killer body.


If you regularly think things like ‘I hate working out, treadmills, gyms and all that judgement is not my thing’ or ‘ I have no time or energy to workout’ then you are not training from a place of awareness. You are wrestling with your body instead of listening to it.

But that is about to change when you join us at our refreshing and motivational classes.

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Women Only Classes Timetable/Locations

Victoria Zimmer pilates classes have been designed to help women with busy lifestyles find physical strength and mental balance in a relaxing welcoming environment.

Prepare to be blown away by our unique take on Joseph Pilates mat work sequence combining core work with mindfulness, aromatherapy and positive affirmations to make sure you are getting 100% results.

We run two types of pilates classes:

Pilates Classic

We focus on “core values” and emotional strength within. Whilst we guide your body through a mat work sequence we will give your mind something calming and empowering to focus on. This class is suitable for everyone, strengthening the core and improving general wellbeing.

Tantra Yoga {donations only}

Kaula Tantra Yoga is one of the oldest Yoga styles, differentiating itself from the other styles by the long phases of deep relaxation. In true relaxation, the mind shuts off, allowing for an easier connection to one’s inner self and inner knowing. It is a feminine {Shakti} restorative yoga practice that works the parasympathetic nervous system, the system that activates feelings of wellbeing. The goal is not to only gain a more flexible and strong body for esthetic reasons, but also to become more flexible in the mind by releasing parts related to emotional tightness and blocks. This class is donation based as it is part of Women Empowerment project. We meet on monthly basis. Please check the calendar when book this session.

In addition to attendance at the classes you also receive access to a facebook group with weekly tasks and affirmations to support you in and out of the classes. We recommend you do a combination of both classes for maximum results.

Your investment in your health and happiness


4 sessions per month


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Balance it! Yoga course

The Balance it! Yoga course has been designed to help women who feel engulfed by life to find that feeling of calm and their true happiness.

This unique 6 week course is centred around yoga, where you will get a chance to explore your feeling of overwhelm and become aware of your body’s mental and physical needs in a safe environment with like minded supportive souls.

We use a fusion of Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga as a base for each class and include Kundalini and Tantra yoga meditations and various breathing techniques. We also use candles, aroma oils, bolsters, cushions and straps to deepen your yoga practice and to bring you a sense of presence and tranquility.

During the course you will learn about chakras (electro magnetic centres in your body) and how they affect your energy, anxiety and heighten fears. You will be given the tools to examine and balance your energy centres, helping you tune in to your strong feminine energy and giving you the motivation and drive to meet your goals.

Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, the course will challenge you and bring out various emotions to create that change and find the happiness and balance you have been striving for.

This course has supported many women take control of their lives whilst creating true and meaningful relationships with fellow attendees. Read what previous participants said here

In addition to attendance at the classes you also receive access to a facebook group where motivational tools are regularly posted and an Ebook with extra information and journaling activities are available to support you in and out of the classes.

Your investment in your health and happiness


6 weeks (book for the next course)

One to One Customised Programme

We know you are busy. We know you are have your own key challenges and objectives when it comes to health and fitness. And we have your covered. With our one to one customised sessions.

We have two options for one to one sessions: online or in person.

Both options include a nutrition plan and a training programme (either for in or out of a gym) which suits your personal needs. The training programme incorporate yoga, pilates, resistance and cardiovascular training suited to your preferences, your body and your goals.

To ensure you get maximum results you must focus on both the body and the mind. Therefore we like to include meditations, affirmations and journaling to help increase confidence, happiness and boosting mental and physical energy.


8 sessions (2 x per week)

Face to Face Training


8 sessions (2 x per week)
Online Training


There is a lot of information about food and what to eat and how to eat it and majority of people still feel very confused about it. It is hard to filter it all and find what works for you. The truth is, there is no recipe that would work for all of us as a magic pill. From being in the industry for over a decade, I found that balanced nutrition and supplementation is what works, not a diet with calorie restrictions. It is the way you think about your body, the way you treat your self and the comprehension of the nature of cravings and body’s reaction to foods. “Eat to live” , not “live to eat”. You are welcome to read about my qualifications and short bio here.

Every one of my clients has their own plan that works for them. They follow general guidelines that I provide and than we calculate how much of each food groups they need to consume per day. They know amount of fats, proteins and carbs they need and make conscious choices daily.

I consider myself an intelligent person who works with intelligent people and that is why, I never get tired of researching, trying and sharing as much knowledge as I can with my clients. Knowledge is potential power. Knowledge applied in action is POWER.


Three months Nutrition Coaching Program

The package includes:
– one hour of initial consultation, assessments, measurements, than face to face or Skype follow ups;
– weekly food diary assessments and online coaching to help a client comprehend the the program;
– customised supplementation plan to support nutrition and training regimen;
– ‘successful mindset’ coaching.

Just take a look at our local weekly schedule where myself and my team of amazing women come to serve and support you through every step of this journey.

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