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“Very professional and highly personalized – Each training is carefully thought out and adapted to suit my needs and ensure I am making progress! Also, each session is different which keeps it interesting to train! I would highly recommend Victoria Zimmer Training – it has been my best ever experience with personal training.” Aneta Sottil


“I started using Victoria over a year ago when I needed loose some weight for a special occasion and also to sort out a shoulder and neck problem. I have had a few personal trainers and never usually stick with them but with Victoria here I am still inspired by her. I look forward to my sessions with her, she will push you to the limit and I never thought I would love weight training as much as I do. If you are looking for real results a trainer who inspires you and pushes you constantly Victoria is the person for you.” Jatinder Jhai

financial advisor

“I have been personal training with Victoria coming up to 3 years now. She was recommended by someone I knew and she has been a great help to getting my body back in shape after being diagnosed with back and neck problems. I wasn’t able to do a lot of exercises then but she has helped me build back my strength. Her advise on nutrition and diet has also been helpful to keep my body in good condition. To top it all, she has an amazing character which makes training with her a fun experience (with a good balance of seriousness when needed)!” Ming Choy

management executive

“Before training with Victoria I was going to the gym 3 times a week, but lacked the knowledge and experience in order to get the results I was looking for. I have now been training with Victoria for 10 months and the results so far have been great! I can safely say she is a fantastic personal trainer, motivator and a true inspiration! I have seen a huge improvement in my technique, physique and wellbeing since following the training program and nutritional advice Victoria has given me. She makes going to the gym fun and I always look forward to my training sessions with her. I definitely wouldn’t train with anyone else after working with Victoria.” Julia Broadhurst


“I also include yoga in my sessions with Victoria Zimmer Training. Victoria is the best PT I have ever used, non judgement, inspiring and holistic in approach – amazing results both physically and mentally. Definitely recommended :-)” Alexandra McCabe

Founder and CEO of Fitta Mamma

“Victoria is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to Pilates, Yoga and general fitness. She has an extremely warm manners and takes times to explain exercises which are new to you. She is a real motivator and I can already see a difference and improvement in my general core abilities! I would definitely recommend her to other people which I have done already!” Ria Selvaratnam

risk manager

“Victoria is a fantastic Personal Trainer who makes a conscious effort to truly understand her client’s needs. I have found her to be an excellent motivator, and her nutritional advice is spot-on. Victoria’s sessions are always tough, but provided you put in the effort and determination, the results you achieve will speak for themselves. In the time I have been training with her, I have already lost over 2.5 stone (and I’m not done yet)! I never could have got this far without Victoria’s help and support – thank you!” Jade Leach

retail buyer

“To cut the story short, Victoria has made me realise the importance of nutrition. It has changed the way I look at food and exercise. I used to think I exercise to allow myself eat whatever I want. But that mentality and practice is what was stopping me from making the progress and see changes in my body even though I was working out regularly. With Victoria’s nutrition advice, I feel like I can still enjoy the food by simply keeping the protein, carb and fat ratio in check. When the nutrition plan is in place, the workouts are more effective and the results come more quickly. I had tried dieting in the past and had never been able to stick to a diet for even 2 weeks, but with your plan, I managed more than 50 days and I am still carrying on. So thumbs up! I’d definitely recommend others to sign up!” Myatmar Aung

swaps broker

“I have just completed Victoria’s course and I can honestly say I loved every minute of it and sad it is over. She kept me motivated and encouraged throughout the weeks even when I wanted to give up but her mantras kept me going. The workshops were also really interesting, with loads of tips and ideas. I am continuing with the training and point system, including your energising and positive Yoga Flow classes. I am already looking forward to the next one. Thanks for everything.” Antoinette Murray


“I have attended her boot camp last summer, regularly attend her pilates and yoga sessions and have taken nutritional counselling. She has expertise in each of these and provides personalised advice. Besides this she is wonderful human being. She has a positive outlook and good counsellor.” Uma Patil

dentist and newly qualified Yoga teacher.

“Started Pilates class with Victoria a year and a half ago when it was offered at my old gym. Since then she has moved to a new gym and I have continued to attend her classes, and also signed up for Yoga with her which I have been attending for a year now. I wouldn’t go to anyone else, she is an amazing teacher and really cares about every individual who she meets, not only has going done wonders for my strength and flexibility, but also my emotional well being and mindset. I could not recommend her highly enough.” Melanie Weeks


“I’m really happy and grateful to be attending such an amazing pilates course. I have struggled a lot with self confidence and self belief, it is still something I work on but I feel the classes are helping me not only in feeling stronger within myself and also helping see that it is ok that you can’t do everything……YET! I feel empowered with the knowledge that I will, one day, be able to do the moves I struggle with. It is also so rewarding to hear your teacher, tell you that you are getting stronger and stronger each week. It is not going to happen over night but it will happen!” Roohi Ahmed


“I had some hesitation to start any exercise as I have a severe disease that attacks my joints and muscles, I was not quite sure how far I would get with the class but I thought I would give it a shot! To my surprise the class was absolutely perfect for me! I not only completed the one class, but I completed the whole course of Chakra Yoga. The class is intimate, with a peaceful and tranquil setting. The mixture of meditation and physical activity is just the right balance. The yoga class holds no expectations of you, you are able to work as hard or as soft as you choose, there is no judgements. Victoria is a fantastic teacher that helps each individual during the class to correct posture or help aid during the movements. She is a breath of fresh positive and happy energy that fills the classroom and radiates throughout the class. I suggest that anyone who is unsure where to start with yoga,this is the perfect course! I have had spiritual revelations,my mentality about myself has grown more positive, aches and pains have lessened and I am certainly more flexible and fluid! There is explanations of why and what you are doing that makes it easy to follow through even after the class is finished. Victoria makes you feel comfortable, welcome and empowered. I look forward to continuing my journey with her through other courses!” Ruhi Ahmed


“Victoria is a wonderful personal trainer. She is reliable, encouraging and her personalised sessions are fun and varied. She has also provided me with nutritional advice which has educated me and changed the way my family eats. I would certainly recommend her Friday night yoga in the dark, a perfect way to end a busy week.” Victoria Davis

Associate Solicitor

I have recently completed the 7 week chakra coaching programme and want to sincerely thank Victoria for the holistic and transformative experience she has provided me. Going into this programme my self-esteem was at rock bottom and as a complete fitness-phobe, I had really no idea how to introduce exercise into my life in a realistic and enjoyable way. The programme allowed me to get comfortable with exercise in a guided and supportive environment, but additionally Victoria provided me with so many tools that helped me to work on the way I view and feel about myself. I can honestly say I have learnt how to practice and believe in self-love, and am committed to working on this every day going forward. I have learnt so many mindful and meditative tools that I would never have come across on my own, and I really enjoyed trying new things every week to see what worked for me. I have also been able to see that fitness isn’t as intimidating / unattainable as I thought it was, and I feel so much more confident about exercising and knowing what I need to do to keep my body healthy. Victoria also provided me with coaching on my nutrition and helped me stay focused on the mantra “I nourish my mind, body and spirit”. Thank you Victoria for your continued patience, support and positivity, I have enjoyed working with you so much and I am so happy I took the opportunity to do the 6 week chakra programme! “

Laura Santry


” I attended Victoria’s Tantra Yoga and aromatherapy workshop last month and have been looking forward to the next one since. Previously I have attend many yoga, pilates classes in the past but nothing has come close to this. The class spend much time on preparing the body for yoga through meditation, chakras and  aromatherapy. This allows you time to really tune into yourself be at ease and grounded so that when the yoga sequences begin everything you do is  relative to you personally at that very moment in time, rather than focusing on movement through routine and protocol. Victoria spends time through each part of the class explaining the purpose behind each section of the tantra yoga, giving you meaning when performing. The three hour session really forces you into a sense of surrender allowing you to be at ease, grounded, receptive to the world around and yourself. I have since recommended this class to many women who I believe will really benefit from the delights of this class.”

Reshma Morris


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