Searching for volunteers: Women empower women


Dear girls and women of the World,

I would like to announce that in 2016 I plan to travel around the World to collect the inspiring stories of friendships between women, their spiritual journey and how they got into it  for my project “WEW: women empowering women”.

It might sound unrealistic, but I do believe in the enormous power of the female energy that women need to discover in themselves, and some already have. However, from my work and life experience there are too many girls and women that think very little of themselves and need to hear as many stories as possible about those who succeeded in any areas of the lives. It can be as big as winning the “right to vote” or starting successful partnership business or as small as going to a yoga class or ending unhappy relationship. And by saying little I don’t want to belittle the meaning of that experience but rather say that there is no such a thing like small deed. The idea is to find out How some women inspire other women and Why do they find it motivating.

It is hard to say in a few words what I want to do yet as it is still a work in progress, an idea that is still developing in my head and looking for the guidance.

I know one thing, I strongly believe in Mind and body connection, I believe in spirituality, I mediate on daily basis and constantly looking for the ways to improve myself and work through my past, to change my old believes and to install new believes that would serve me better. I do all the above with one thought in mind – how can I help others to change their lives. Everyday  work with women that have very little to nothing love for themselves and I feel like it is my duty to make them think otherwise. It can be through action, personal example, verbal encouragement, sharing experiences of others, etc.

There is one thing I have done that I am very proud of but also made me the biggest enemy to my step dad…I have encouraged my mum to leave him, and as I have realised later, been doing it subconsciously for many years. At that time I did’t know wether she will be able to meet love and love the life she always dreamed about (and she does now), but I simply knew she was deeply unhappy and wanted to change it. Many years later she has made the decision that she was contemplating for 20 years, and never looked back. My mum has inspired me and gave me confidence that through encouragement and support I could help her and after that  have met so many women that I see going through the same experience and afraid to make changes.

Yes, I was hated by my step dad, yes I was not the favourite person of my little sister for a long time, and yes, I was my mum’s therapist, best friend, mother (everything but her daughter) for nearly a year; but with the time passing by, I am proud of what I have done for her and would do it again if I had to.

I believe that women have strugglesd a lot over centuries and that these days it seems like we have all we have been fighting for, but I was shocked to realise that it is not only not the case in many countries, but that it is not even the case in the majority of the countries. Yes, we have female leaders and we have more and more successful female entrepreneurs, politicians, motivational speakers, etc., but compared to the Planet’s population it is still a very small percentage. However, my point is that women need to talk to more women in different ways. We all inspired by different things and understand different languages (body, fashion, spirituality, motherhood, etc.), that is why it is vital to share those experiences with the rest of the World. My particular interest is “how one women can support and encourage another women to make changes about her life, herself, lives of the loved one”.

My goal is to collect as many stories as possible to share it with the World and inspire women to respect and love one another, we are not a competition, but rather we are each others angels.

Do you have a woman/girl (or a few) in your life that has inspired or keeps inspiring you in a very important way? Do you know someone who has been inspired by you? How did you/she do it? If you can say yes to questions about, or know someone who does, please get in touch with me via this post and I will contact you.

My first destination is Cape Town, South Africa!